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Android Development (Advanced)

Data Storage

  • Data Storage Options

  • Data Privacy

  • Editing Preferences

  • Internal Storage

  • External Storage

- SQL Database Storage

  • Opening a Database Connection

  • Transaction Management

  • Creating Schema

  • Inserting / update / delete / fetching Data

  • Reading Column Values from Cursor

  • Binding Cursor to ListView

  • Custom Data Binding

  • Handling Item Click Event

  • Refreshing the ListView

Content Provider

  • Use of URL

  • The Structure of Data

  • Implement the query () Method

  • Implement the insert() Method

  • The update() and delete() Methods

- Network Programming

  • Communication Using HTTP Protocol

  • Creating a HttpClient Object

  • Making a GET Request

  • Making a POST Request

  • Setting Timeout

  • Using Basic Authentication

  • XML Parsing Options

  • Setting up XML Pull Parser

  • Checking Network Status

- Background Task Processing and Service

  • The Handler Framework

  • Creating a Handler

  • Posting a Message

  • Doing Background Work

  • AsyncTask

- hardware control

  • Camera operation

  • Voice recording operation

- Remote Database access

  • JSON data access

3 days trianing

  • The Development Environment

  • Setting Up the SDK

  • Create a Virtual Device

  • Creating a Project

  • Debugging an Application

- Application Fundamentals

  • Recapping the Basics

  • Packaging an Application

  • Creating an Activity Class

  • Activity Lifecycle

  • Saving State

  • Creating Views

- Basic GUI Programming

  • View Hierarchy

  • Creating View in XML Layout

  • Common Programming Tasks with Views

  • TextView and EditText

  • Button

  • CheckBox

  • RadioButton and RadioGroup

  • ToggleButton

  • ImageView

  • RatingBar

- Application Menu

  • Defining Menu Items

  • Menu XML File

  • Option Menu

  • Populating Menu Items from Resource

  • Manipulating Menu Items

  • Handling Menu Item Click Event

  • Context Menu

  • Showing a Context Menu

- Showing Notification Messages

  • Popping a Toast

  • Status Bar Notification

  • Advantages of Status Bar Notification

  • Alert Dialogs

  • Handling Button Click Events

  • Progress Dialog

3 days training

- Additional GUI Components

  • Image Views

  • Scroll Views

  • Web Views

  • Map Views

Internationalization (i18n)

  • Icons and the App Launch Image

- Handling User Input

  • Alert Views and Action Sheets

  • Sliders, Switches, and Steppers

  • Pickers: Date and Custom

  • Text Fields, Keyboards, and "First Responders"

  • Gestures

  • Device Rotation with Springs and Struts for iOS 5 and Earlier

  • Device Rotation with Autolayout for iOS 6

- hardware control

  • Camera operation

  • Voice recording operation

- Remote Database access

  • JSON data access

- Appendix A: Basic Data Persistence

  • User Defaults

  • File System

  • iCloud Key/Value Pairs

3 days Training

Install iPhone SDK

  • XCode (development tools) operation

  • iPhone programming (basic)

- iOS Basics

  • Architecture of an App (The Main Run Loop)

  • Creating a Project

  • UIApplication and the App Delegate

  • UIKit Framework: Views and Controls

  • Storyboards, Scenes, and Segues

  • Build Actions (Run, Test, Profile, Analyze, Archive)

  • Debugging & Profiling

  • Frameworks

  • Xcode Tips

- Objective-C: Common Foundation Classes & Control Structures

  • Strings: NSString & NSMutableString

  • Collections: Arrays, Dictionaries, Sets and Literals

  • Wrappers: NSNumber and NSValue

  • Control Structures: Conditionals & Loops

- Distribution

  • Ad-hoc distribution

  • Enterprise distribution

  • Publish to App store

4 days training

Lesson 1: Getting started with XPages

Beginning to learn about XPages

Exploring an application enhanced using XPages

Examining XPages in IBM Lotus Domino Designer

Copying Over and Configuring the Time-Off Requests Application on your test server

Learning about IBM Lotus Domino Designer resources and settings related to XPages

Exploring the Time-Off Requests Application

Creating an XPage and Examining its Source Code

Lesson 2: XPages and Forms Architecture

An Overview of Architectures

Forms-based application architecture

XPage application architecture

Comparing Architecture

Planning your application's navigation

Comparing Available Features

Comparing Security Features

Lesson 3: Determine the Implementation Method

Converting the application

Integrating the application

Developing a new application

Lesson 4: Working with Custom Controls

Creating a Custom Control

Adding an Action to a Control

Inserting a Custom Control onto an XPage

Creating Another Custom Control

Binding a Custom Control to a Data Source and Setting Advanced Properties

Working with @Functions in Controls

Modifying the Advanced Properties for a Custom Control

Lesson 5: Enhanced Controls

Overview of the control

Comparing and contrasting with the View control

Implementing a repeat control

Lesson 6: Applying Advanced Concepts to XPages and Custom Controls

Configuring Data Validation and Error Management

Adding a Style Sheet to an XPage

Working with Properties for Controls

Configuring a Search Using a Scoped Variable

Working with Themes in XPages

Troubleshooting issues with XPages

Lesson 7: User Interface and theme Enhancements

Working with CSS frameworks

Using themes to set control properties

Lesson 8: Validation enhancements

Client-side versus Server-side

JavaScript converters

Regular Expressions

Active Content Filtering

Lesson 9: Error Management

Providing a graceful failure

Showing the error page

Lesson 10: Data Integration

Integrating data sources

Applying data sources

Connecting multiple Domino applications

Lesson 11: Distinguishing the scope of the variable

Working with the scope of the variable

Lesson 12: Advanced Features

Integrate existing agents

Utilizing JavaScript libraries for workflow

Using the XPage event mode

Lesson 13: Working with Dojo Toolkit

Overview of Dojo

Reviewing dijits

Adding dijits to your XPage

Using custom built Dojo controls

Parsing JSON

Lesson 14: Extending the data sources

Using relational data sources

Working with programmable data sources

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